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quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2011

More English idioms! Check it out!

*To leave someone high and dry: deixar alguém na mão; deixar alguém "duro", sem grana


1.All my workers quit and left me high and dry. All the children ran away and left Billy high and dry to take the blame for the broken window.

2.Paying the bills always leaves me high and dry.

*To have a heart: ter compaixão


Please, John, have a heart! She must be going through hard times. 

*To cut (someone) some slack: dar uma "folga", pegar leve com alguém (similar to "give someone a break")

He´s already got too much on his mind and you´re asking him to do other stuff! Come on, cut him some slack!

*To have enough (or too much) on someone´s plate: estar muito ocupado, estar com muita coisa para resolver

Sorry, son, I can´t help you with your homework. I have too much on my plate right now.

*To bark up the wrong tree: estar redondamente enganado

If you think I'm the guilty person, you're barking up the wrong tree.

*Wet blanket/ spoilsport/ stick in the mud/ party pooper: estraga-prazeres, "chatonildo":

Danny´s so cool, but his older brother is a real wet blanket.

*To burst someone´s bubble: desiludir alguém, fazer alguém cair na real.

I hate to burst his bubble, but he is going to be disappointed if he tries that idea.

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