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quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2012

Idioms with numbers part 1: number 1!

 This is the first of a series of idioms from numbers posts. Enjoy it and be a number one student!

*A one in a million person is so unique and so nice that you don´t meet people like this every day:

Kate´s boyfriend is one in a million, that´s why she´s so jealous of him.

*If a man is one of the boys, he´s been socially accepted into a group of other men:

My new neighbor just moved in but all the guys like him so much that he´s already one of the boys.

*If you´re having one of those days, you´re having a bad day:

Don´t worry! These things happen all the time. It´s just one of those days!

*If your wife´s waiting for you but you still want to drop by the pub for that happy hour with your pals, then you´re having a quick one so you won´t stay long:

He was heading home but decided to stop for a couple of beers at Joe´s, but just a quick one.

*If you drink one too many, you may need to consider going easy on the booze because you might develop a drinking problem:

They always have one too many when they get together at parties and happy hours.

*If you drink one for the road, it means you´re having the last beer (or whatever booze you prefer) of the night before going home:

I´ll have one for the road, then I´ll ask for the check and we can get the hell out of here.

*If you wanna keep track of your guests and avoid crashers at your party, you´d better count them one by one with a list in hands:

As the guests were arriving, the usher confirmed everybody´s names on his list, one by one.

*if you´re at one with yourself, you´re coherent and aware of your faults:

I´m always at one with myself, that´s why I admit it when I have a problem with something or someone.

*If you´ve had a big problem at one time, then it´s in the past:

At one time, he´s had a very picky girlfriend whose name he can´t even remember.

*If you have a lot of qualities or falts all rolled up into one, they are all combined:

She´s arrogant, obnoxious, jealous and silly, all rolled up into one, so I try to stay away from her.

*If you always look for trouble, you may end up finding it one of these days, that is, someday, in some situation like this:

Why can´t you just shut up instead of getting into an argument all the time? One of these days somebody short-fused will kick your ass!

*If for one thing you are a bully, then this is the first (and probably the most important reason) you´ll be looking for trouble:

I didn´t start the fight. For one thing, I´m a peaceful person and I avoid bullies.

*If fighting is just one of those things you can´t stay away from, then you´d better consider looking for psychiatric treatment and try to change it:

Bob´s gotten into another fight. It´s just one of those things he´s always involved in when he´s drunk.

*If you´ve lost a boyfriend that you loved so much and he´s the one that got away, he´s left you but you wish he hadn´t:

Sue really loved John, but after they broke up, she keeps saying she still likes him and he´s the one who got away.

*If you´re always doing good things and you expect good things to happen to you, your motto is "one good turn deserves another":

Whenever I´m in trouble, my friends are always there for me and so am I. After all, one good turn deserves another, right?
*If somebody´s number were up, he or she would be dead:

He was the only survivor of the train accident. I guess his number just wasn´t up yet.

*If you go back to square one after a while, then you must start doing something all over again:

He didn´t understand my explanation, so I thought I should go back to square one and start from the beggining.

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