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"Cuándo el mundo te deprima, observa lo que te rodea com objetividad. Avanza de manera positiva y recuerda que eres tú quien lleva las riendas".

"Tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena"

"Sigam-me os bons!"

segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2012

Poem: These Dreams

I´ve never succeeded in being a dreamer,
For I´ve always tried to keep my feet on the ground
Though we all learn from our worst experiences 
You want to make sure you´re safe and sound.
I know that doesn´t mean I can never be a winner.

I won´t let hard times be a bad influence,
This won´t make me feeble or sick.
Maybe it will make me stronger:
I´m brave enough not to weep
And I can´t take this any longer,
Nothing can bring me down,
I know there´s still something to be found
I won´t give up, I just can´t quit!
This bad feeling is something I have to kill...
These hard times will no longer exist
Now I´ve got a goal and a really strong will.
Who´ll be the owner of this valuable prize?
Who´ll be lucky enough to find the hidden treasure?
What the future holds is still a big surprise.
I´m sure it´s also going to be a great pleasure,
Such delight and such joy...
Will they satisfy my desires, will they be enough?

Enough to live by, take pleasure in and allow me to enjoy...
Why does it have to be so tough?
And even when we have a goal in mind,
Why does it seem so hard for us to reach it?

Some dreams simply can´t be left behind...
The harder you try, the more you must believe it.
These dreams you just can´t leave.

(Written in 2003 and reviewed in 2012)

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