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segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2012

Poem: All about yourself

At times we feel a little weak,
Without enough energy to carry on...
Your body feels tired and your mind seems sick,
You wonder if (this miserable) life will still be long,
When everything looks obscure and insane,
You just stand still and put your head down
Cause it´s useless to utter a word or to complain...

When you´re on your own you make no sound,
You try not to move, afraid to fall apart,
Thinking about your next step...
What you can do to protect your heart
And not being stabbed on the back.
Do you know what you really need?
Maybe you deserve some rest
So there´ll be no need to bleed,
And there´ll be no need to scream.
You can cry out loud, but not even with your loudest shout
You can manage neither to be heard nor seen,
Now thar your friends are gone
There´s nothing but the echo of your own voice.
For you have been left all alone,
But that´s because it was your own choice.
And from now on it´s all about yourself
There´s no way out, there´s nobody else...

(Written in 2002 but revised in 2012)

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