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terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

Flavia´s poem: Wheel of fortune (Jan, 2011)

Wheel of fortune

Another birthday and one more year gone by,
Yet I can still catch myself wondering...when?, how? why?
What kind of success have I accomplished?
How many, among things we start. are we actually able to finish?

How far can we go in search of a dream?
How many  times must we fail before we learn how to win?
If only I could be taken for a saint instead of a sinner,
If only once I could feel what´s like to be a real winner...

I´m not searching for anyone´s approval,
I just wish I had a helping hand to lift me when I fall.
If only falling down didn´t hurt so bad...
Perhaps I wouldn´t feel so damn depressed or mad.
After all, what does it take to feel just a little glad?

Is it all just a matter of time?
How long must I wait until I can get some kind of sign?
One day I know I´ll be free and released...
I´m sure my questions will be answered and my pain will be eased...

Until then I´ll just have to get by anyway...
Hope I might survive without going astray,
Following my instincts and not some stupid advice.
I´ve spun the wheel of fortune but I still haven´t cast my lucky dice.
Praying for luck to be right here by my side.

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