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quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

Nice and informal words/slangs/expressions and their translation to Portuguese

*To lose the appeal: perder a graça

Reading has lost its appeal to my mom. Now she´s more into soap operas.

*Dunk tank: piscina de bolinhas

Kids go nuts when they have a chance to dive into a dunk tank at a party.

*Lame in the sack: ruim de cama

She left her ex-boyfriend because she says he was lame in the sack, can you believe it?

*Innuendo: indireta, insinuação

I hate when people don´t tell me what they want right away. They think innuendoes always do the trick.

*An ordeal: uma chatice, um incômodo

Waiting for service in a crowded place is the typical ideal of an ordeal to me.

*To rag on something: falar mal de algo, meter o pau em algo

Some people take pleasure in ragging on other people´s lifestyles.

*To squeal on someone: dedurar alguém
(Squealer: dedo-duro)

Bob is always squealing on his older brother, I think he´s a bit jealous of him.

*Flashy: espalhafatoso, chamativo

I really like the color orange, although I think it´s kind of flashy.

* To give someone the heads up: avisar alguém, dar um sinal

If you come visit me, please give me the heads up in advance.

*Warped mind: mente poluída

Some guys have a warped mind, all they can think of is sex.

*Get bent: vá se ferrar

Why don´t you leave me alone? Get bent!

*Just what I need: tudo que me faltava

It´s raining and I got a flat tire! Great, just what I needed!

*To be in bad shape: estar em maus lençóis

He´s got into trouble again? Boy, he´s gonna be in bad shape now!

*To get into specific: entrar em detalhes

And thats´s pretty much what happened yesterday, without getting into specific, of course.

*Hope springs eternal: a esperança é a última quer morre

I might get rich one day! Hope springs eternal, that´s what they say!

*To have a heart to heart: ter um papo aberto, sincero

I think parents and kids should always have a heart to heart so thay can solve any kind of problem.

*To have a soft spot for something: ter uma queda por algo

Most girls have a soft spot for shoes and bags.

*Piece of tail: rabo-de -saia

Jonh´s a real womanizer. He can´t see a piece of tail in front of him.

*Pronto: imediatamente

When my boss says he wants me to do something pronto, I can´t waste a single minute!

*To slack off: ficar de papo para o ar, fazer porra nenhuma

On Sundays I enjoy slacking off the whole day.

*To keep the emotions bottled up: não demonstrar os sentimentos

You can hardly tell if Jane is angry or sad because she keeps her emotions bottled up.

*Testy: irritado, nervoso

There´s no need to get testy! All our problems will be solved eventually.

*Can it shut your trap: cala a boca, fecha a matraca

I didn´t ask you opinion! Can it, will you?

Sit down and shut your trap, now!!

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