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quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

Do you know how to say these in English?

Cantada: pick up line.

Joey will never get a girlfriend! His pick up lines are horrible!

Pechinchar: to haggle.

Do you always pay the full price or do you like to haggle?

Infalível: fooproof, bulletproof, sure-fire

My plan is foolproof, it can´t go wrong.

Coma alcólico: alcohol poisoning

Have you ever had alcohol poisoning?

Entrar de gaiato: to fall into a gig

I´ve fallen into this gig and I can´t get out.

Encheção de saco: a botheration

I´m sick and tired of this botheration!

Se é que vc me entende: if you get my drift

He´ll never ever find it out! If you get my drift.

Paguei meus pecados: I paid my dues

I´ve already suffered enough. I guess I paid my dues!

Se liga!: Get with it!

She doesn´t love you anymore, get with it!

Estar no cio: to be in heat

Dogs in heat usually go for people´s legs.

Castrado: neutered

Are your cats neutered?

Plano B: backup plan

If everything go wrong, w must have a backup plan.

A jalopy/ an old crate: lata-velha (carro velho)

It´s about time you change your car, that jalopy!

Toma-lá-dá-cá: tit for tat

Our relationship has always been based on tit for tat.

Futuro promissor: rosy future

You´re too young to feel sorry for yourself, you´ve got a rosy future ahead of you.

Levar a pior: to get the short end of the stick

If you try to be nice to everybody all the time, you´ll end end up getting the short end of the stick.

Sem-terra: squatter

There are lots of squatters in Brazil

Pegar leve: to mellow out

You shouldn´t work so hard, mellow out dude!

Bocudo: loud-mouthed

You can´t tell Bob our secret, he´s so loud-mouthed!

De má vontade: halfheartedly

I´ll accept your offer provided it´s not halfheartedly

A seu dispor: at your service

Hi, I´m your tour guide and I´ll be at your service during this trip.

Esteira de praia: beach blanket

Gee, I forgot to bring the beach blanket, now I can´t lay on my back to sunbathe!

Deixar rolar: to let it ride

If things are going well, let it ride!

Explicar tintim por tintim: to fill all the blanks

I´ll try to fill all the blanks before you start asking questions.

Situação complicada: sticky situation

That´s such a sticky situation! I wonder how we´ll find a way out of it.

Autoescola: traffic school

You can only get your driver´s license if you go to traffic school.

Fazer corpo mole: to slack off

Stop slacking off and get to work!

Lei antifumo: anti-smoking bill

Things are a lot better in restaurants and pubs after the anti-smoking bill, don´t you think?

To slip up-pisar na bola

It´s ok to slip up sometimes.

"Ganhar na loteria, tirar a sorte grande": to hit the jackpot

It seems Mary has hit the jackpot: she´s got a wonderful husband, a great job, excellent kids and a very comfortable life.

"Tirar água do joelho" (homens): to bleed the lizard

Excuse me, I have to bleed the lizard.

"Foi para Portugal, perdeu o lugar": You snooze, you lose

Sorry if you missed the class because you overslept. As they say, you snooze, you lose!

Yakety-yak: blablablá

Enough of this yakety-yak, I want to read a little in peace and quiet.

"Seca" ( muito tempo sem namorar): dry spell

Josh has been on a dry spell since he broke up with Jane.

Ser feio como o capeta: to be as ugly as sin

This guy will never get a date, he´s as ugly as sin!

Blusa tomara-que-caia: tube top

Tube tops are great for the summer.

Cortar o barato de alguém: to kill somebody´s buzz/to burst somebody´s bubble

I was chatting with my friends when my mom called me for dinner. Boy, that really killed my buzz!

Tomar umas geladas: to toss some brews

I can´t wait to leave and hit the bar to toss some brews with my pals.

Tirar uma com a cara de alguém: to yank someone

What? Are you serious or are you just yanking me?

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