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"Living´s not waiting until the storm ceases, but learning how to dance in the rain"....

"Cuándo el mundo te deprima, observa lo que te rodea com objetividad. Avanza de manera positiva y recuerda que eres tú quien lleva las riendas".

"Tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena"

"Sigam-me os bons!"

segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2013

Wasting my life away

Sometimes I feel like I´m wasting my life away
And there´s no reason strong enough to make wanna stay.
Sick and tired of crying my eyes out
Then nasty words simply come out of my mouth.
I can´t control them and I have no control over my dull life...
Some things cut through me like a knife.

All I know is that I´m doing my very best,
But life´s as tough as a very hard test.
Wish I could find a way to improve my grades...
Why is it so complicated to me while some people just have it made?

Life really is a bitch...
But there are some things and some people you´ve got to ditch.
I just wish I can get over it all,
I just wish I can stand tall,
I just want to find a way out of this depression.
I don´t want life to be a burden, but a passion.

(April, 2013)

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